There is a fascination about fossils, that when viewed for the first time it transports the viewer to a completely different world; where all sorts of wondrous creatures lived and breathed. By recreating these fossil pictures I hope to inspire the viewers imagination, to think about these alternative worlds not just of the past but of fantasy and futuristic worlds through my Fossilart.

What Inspires me to do these fossil art pictures...


At the presant time I am constantly looking for  fossil forms from my surroundings around me. For Example you might see a twig; I see a fossil bone, you might see a sycamore seed; I see a fossil dragonfly's wing or a fossil fish's fin. You see a piece of bark; I see a fossil turtle shell, a fossil skull and so on. I believe nature recreates itself in many different ways. For example Evolution, revisits the past; i.e similarites between ancient fish type reptiles and modern dolphins etc.

008 Arts & Crafts Design Awards 2016

I am delighted to announce that I have been nominated for this year's Arts & Crafts Design Awards 2016!  

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