About John House and his fossil picture work:

As a child I loved the countryside and coastlines of England. I inherited my love for fossils from my father. During many holidays spent at Reculver in Kent I would often be seen at low tide collecting fossilised sharks teeth and wood. My uncle gave my father various fossils collected from his days working in quarries which in time passed onto me.

As I grew older I often explored the Dorset and Hampshire coast in my quest for fossils. At an early age it was clear I had a gift for artwork, drawing various pictures for family members, mostly of wildlife subjects.

Originally self-taught in oils and watercolours, my interest in fossils has led to a divergence of styles and to something more unusual and original. I use locally sourced natural items gathered from the heaths, woodlands and beaches in the Bournemouth and Purbeck area, which have enabled me to produce artworks representing fossil remains that are both convincing and intriguing.

In the future I intend to produce works from the future, past, alien and myth. 

I have now perfected a way to Waterproof my work so it may be hung outside.


My Art exhibitions: 

Lately, I have exhibitied at Moors Valley country park and Dinosaur Isle on the Isle of Wight three years running and will be a regular  showing at Lyndhurst community  cenre Hampshire Mineral & Fossil show dates will apear soon

My work can  now be viewed and bought at the sciencezone Boscome Bournemouth.

https://www.facebook.com/www.johnhouseart.co.uk/publishing_tools/Facebook Page